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New twitter photo of Sara

Had so much fun on Fox and Friends! Thanks y'all!
#slowmedown #arealfineplace

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Posted on 19 Apr 2014 by kat
New tweets from Sara
JUST IN: to kick off All-American Summer Concert Series on May 23!

FNR's spent to talk her new album and much more!

Excited to announce , , & are playing in the Celebrity Softball Game! Tix here:

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Posted on 19 Apr 2014 by kat
Hidden Valley and Country Music Star Sara Evans Turn the Pre-Dinner Crunch into Family Time Fun

We’re teaming with award-winning recording artist — and mother of seven! — Sara Evans, to help families make “crunch time,” the busy time of day between after school and bedtime, easier and more fun.

“Twist on Tonight” Activity Boxes

Seventy-five percent of moms agree that if their family helps prepare a meal, they will be more likely to eat it.1 This is why, together with Sara Evans, we’ve created a limited-edition “Twist on Tonight” activity box from Surprise Ride.

Each box includes activities that help parents get their kids excited and involved in meal-preparation, from shopping to cooking, and embrace healthful eating habits. You’ll have everything needed for crafts like designing a personalized apron and decorating a recipe box. There are also kid-approved recipes that can be made in minutes and a “soundtrack for suppertime” playlist from Sara Evans.

The box is available for purchase ($29.99) on SurpriseRide.com through May 31 or while supplies last. And for every box sold, Hidden Valley will make a matching donation to After-School All-Stars, a nonprofit that provides comprehensive after-school programs dedicated to helping kids succeed in school and life.

“Twist on Tonight” Texts

How else can we help make “crunch time” easier on you and more fun for your family? You can sign up for weekly recipes and kid-friendly activities from moms, including Sara Evans, sent directly to your phone.

To receive simple ways to ease dinner dilemmas and spend quality time with the kids before bedtime, sign up on Facebook. As an added bonus, each week from now through June, anyone who signs up for mobile updates is entered for a chance to win a $100 gift card and one of the limited-edition Surprise Ride boxes. One grand-prize winner will win $1,000.

Sara recently joined Hidden Valley in Los Angeles to preview activities from the Surprise Ride boxes with kids from a local After-School All-Stars chapter. These elementary school students learned about bitter sensitivity and how a little bit of ranch dressing, like Hidden Valley® Original Ranch®, can help veggies taste even better.2

Now that we’ve received their stamp of approval, we’re thrilled to make the “Twist on Tonight” activity boxes and mobile content available for everyone!

Purchase the Limited-Edition “Twist on Tonight” Activity Box!

Sign up for weekly “Twist on Tonight” mobile messages to get food ideas, recipes, and activities to make mealtime fun.

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Posted on 19 Apr 2014 by kat
New tweet from Sara
We teamed up w/ & to help families make mealtime more fun →

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Posted on 10 Apr 2014 by kat
Sara Evans with Shure – “Crystal clear”

From the very first phrase of one of her songs, when you hear her voice, you know it’s Sara.

I cannot name another female artist who sounds remotely close to her among our artists or even on the planet!  That’s one of the characteristics I’m looking for: someone with a distinguishable voice that sings with power and passion.

We’ve worked with Sara for about 10 years now and it’s a pleasure to know that she is consistently happy with the sound of her UR2/SM58 

Don’t take our word for it though…

See video:   here

Source: blog.shure.com

Posted on 05 Apr 2014 by kat
Sara Evans Talks New Album Slow Me Down
Watch video:  here

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Posted on 05 Apr 2014 by kat
Sara featured in People Magazine

The amazing loves our - get the latest issue of to find out why!

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Posted on 05 Apr 2014 by kat
New tweet from Sara
There's still time to win a guitar & a little note from me at 's site! Enter to win here:

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Posted on 01 Apr 2014 by kat
Win The Ultimate Sara Evans "Slow Me Down" Prize Package
Contest details:
Top 5 Winners each get:
- 2 VIP Tix to Sara Evans show of choice in 2014
- 2 Meet & Greet Passes to any Sara Evans 2014 show
- 1 signed copy of "Slow Me Down"

WINNER(S) will be notified by Tunespeak via the email address associated with their Facebook accounts. If Tunespeak is unable to contact a winner after reasonable effort or failure of winner to respond within 3 Days of the first attempted notification, will result in forfeiture of Prize and selection of an alternate winner.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. Entrants must be legal residents of the United States or Canada (excluding Quebec, Canada) who are thirteen (13) years of age or older. Entrants under the age of 18, hereby represent that they are using the Service with the consent of their parent or guardian (Guardian), and that said Guardian is at least 18 years old, is the legal Guardian of the person listed on the Tunespeak account, and that said Guardian has expressly given permission to access the Service. VENUE AGE RESTRICTIONS APPLY.
By enrolling in this contest, you explicitly agree to Tunespeak's Terms & Conditions and to follow Tunespeak's Rules & Regulations. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Each winner must be a US or Canadian resident.

Enter contest:  here

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Posted on 28 Mar 2014 by kat
Slow Me Down by Sara Evans
If the sequence of an album is like a map, determining the musical journey the listener is about to take, then Sara Evans and her team have laid out quite an interesting voyage on her long-awaited new album, Slow Me Down.

The country chanteuse has previously dabbled in pop-country—to the chagrin of the fans who love her more traditional releases—but on this album, she has found what works best for her on the contemporary side and front-loads the project with those songs.

Her current single, “Slow Me Down,” is proof of that, with strings, a big arrangement and slicker production. Likewise, her duet with Isaac Slade from alternative-pop band The Fray is as much adult contemporary as country, but the combination of their voices creates a great texture and energy.

Less slick but oh so enjoyable is “Not Over You”—a collaboration with singer/songwriter Gavin DeGraw that tiptoes back and forth from country to contemporary.

Rest assured, however, that Sara hasn’t severed her country roots. She couldn’t.

On the back end, the songs are decidedly more traditional with arrangements that feature acoustic guitar, mandolin, fiddle and the Keeper of the Traditional Flame, Vince Gill. Together, he and Sara hoist the flag for twang on the solid country track “Better Off.”

And if you’re looking for quintessential Sara, try “Sweet Spot.” We dare you not to tap your toe.

Source: countryweekly.com
Posted on 28 Mar 2014 by kat
Sara Evans Gets Chatty with Cody
See video:  here

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Posted on 28 Mar 2014 by kat
Sara Evans’ New Album Refuses To Hop On The “Bro Country” Bandwagon
It’s hard to listen to a Sara Evans song and not get emotional. Whether you’re rooting for her in her heartrending single, “Slow Me Down,” itching to leave home with “Born To Fly,” or just laughing at your ex’s bad fortunes with “Cheatin’,” chances are, if Evans’ music is playing, you’re feeling something.

Her new album, Slow Me Down, released March 11 by RCA Nashville, is packed with the kinds of songs that have made her famous: They’ve got fierce lyrics where Evans proclaims her independence but never obscures her doubts, and those addictive country melodies. Also featuring standout duets with Gavin DeGraw, Isaac Slade of The Fray and Vince Gill, the album’s heartfelt and raw, and feels as brand new as it does familiar.

BuzzFeed sat down with Evans to talk about “bro country,” feminism, and her big television dreams.

Read more in full story!

Source: buzzfeed.com

Posted on 27 Mar 2014 by kat
New tweet from Sara

Thank you Tammy Ragusa and Country Weekly!
#arealfineplace #slowmedown #saraevans

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Posted on 23 Mar 2014 by kat
Sara Evans Is Back With New Music — and a Blog!
See video:  here

Source: PopSugar
Posted on 17 Mar 2014 by kat
Sara Evans on How ‘Slow Me Down’ Became the Centerpiece of Her New Album
“A great, great, great song is hard to find,” Sara Evans told Radio.com. “There are a lot of good ones, but a great one is hard to find. I’m really particular about lyrics especially. Whatever song I’m recording, I need it to say something that moves me emotionally.”

And for Evans, whose seventh studio album Slow Me Down was released earlier this week, she found that “great” song in the record’s haunting title track.

“That song became the centerpiece of the whole album because it was my favorite song,” Evans says of “Slow Me Down.”

“There’s just something about it,” she continued. “It’s sad, but it’s also kind of mysterious. I just love how the girl in the song is so completely vulnerable because she’s saying, ‘I love you and I want to be with you, but I’m trying to tell you that these things need to change, and if they don’t, then I’ve got to leave. I’ve got to have that much self respect, and I have to walk away from the situation, but I hope that you won’t be able to live without me and that you’ll stop me from leaving.’”

In addition to “Slow Me Down,” the album also includes poignant duets with Vince Gill, Isaac Slade of The Fray and a cover of Gavin DeGraw‘s “Not Over You,” which features DeGraw on harmonies.

“What he did to it just took it to a whole other level,” Evans said of “Not Over You.” “It’s almost like he’s more emotional about my version than his own. It really takes you somewhere.”

Evans admitted that she’s guarded in her songwriting, mostly because she has kids. “I want my children to be able to listen to every song that I write. Every single song is so important to me and always has been. I never want anybody to say, ‘That was just a throwaway song. She just put that on there because she needed another song.’ They’re all like my children.”

Source: news.radio.com
Posted on 17 Mar 2014 by kat
Sara Evans, 'Slow Me Down': Track-By-Track Review
This week, Sara Evans releases "Slow Me Down," her first new album in close to three years. The lead single and title track is climbing the charts, hitting No. 28 on Hot Country Songs. It was also selected by The 615 as one of the ten best country singles released in 2013. Is there more where that came from? Here's our complete look at the RCA release.

1. Slow Me Down – The strongest definition of the word “Power Ballad,” this track has not had one ounce of a burn factor since its’ release. Evans’ dramatic performance brings to mind a good episode of such 80s dramas as “Dallas” or “Knots Landing.” Pure ear candy.

2. Not Over You – Her cover of the Gavin DeGraw tune allows her to reach within and conjure up one of her strongest vocal performances yet, as she handles each and every line with passion. Of course, having DeGraw add his harmony doesn’t hurt one bit.

3. Put My Heart Down – Light and bouncy, this cut has the perfect springtime feel – complete with a sing-a-long chorus that will make you want to roll down the window. Ironically, the song is one saying goodbye, but the melody is free and easy.

4. Can’t Stop Loving You – Evans’ natural country twang is balanced by Isaac Slade’s rock bravado. The chorus stays in your head, as this should see some country consideration but maybe some pop / AC, as well.

5. You Never Know – Just like with the title track, Evans is not afraid of material with a dramatic flair, as this cut has somewhat of a 90s pop sound to it. Mark Bright’s production keeps her vocals at the forefront – making for a stunning vocal showcase.

6. If I Run – Quite possibly Evans’ finest vocal performance on the album. She hits some notes on the chorus that are pure textbook. A definite single.

7. Sweet Spot – Sometimes, it’s not about making a deep statement. Some days, it’s simply about singing to the rafters about the joy and pleasure of being in love. Summertime, anyone?

8. Good Love Is Hard To Find – As strong of a contemporary country performance as you’re going to find – from an artist who you get the feeling has lived each lyric of the song.

9. Better Off – You might take the girl out of Boonville, Missouri, but you can’t take the Boonville out of the girl. A soaring performance that allows Evans a chance to conjure up her inner (Patty) Loveless.

10. Gotta Have You – As strong as this album is, it’s hard to pick out a standout track. But, combine lyrics, vocals, production, and instrumentation, and this might be the breakout hit of the album. She lays it out on the line and comes up the winner for doing so.

11. Revival – We all lose our way sometimes in life, and this track is the perfect way to close the set – with a call for inspiration to lead us back to the root of why we do what we do or love who we love.

Source: billboard.com
Posted on 17 Mar 2014 by kat
Album Spotlight: Sara Evans, ‘Slow Me Down’ – ToC Critic’s Pick
A much more confident Sara Evans emerges on the 11 songs that make up ‘Slow Me Down,’ her new studio album. From top to bottom this project is a blast of energy. Even the ballads pop with new life and exuberance.

‘If I Run’ is the most vulnerable track on the album, and while the story is told from the vantage point of a scarred female, it’s hardly a sorrowful lament. “If I run / Baby will you chase me / Be the one who wants to save me,” she asks. Fans looking for a classic Evans vocal performance find it on this song, and later on ‘Gotta Have You.’

Not that she hangs back otherwise. Each song is a vocal showcase of its own flavor. ‘You Never Know’ feels inspired by early ‘90s pop or adult contemporary music. The playful ‘Sweet Spot’ is as much fun as Evans has had on a song since ‘Suds in the Bucket.’ ‘A Little Revival,’ the album’s closer, leaves one tingling with inspiration.

Strong collaborations with Gavin DeGraw (on his hit ‘Not Over You’) and Vince Gill (‘Better Off’) round out the project. The latter is a treat for pure country music fans. The down-home country ballad showcases Evans’ traditional chops. For the most part, producer Mark Bright keeps her sounding very contemporary (look for plenty of keyboards and synthesizers across ‘Slow Me Down’), but he and the songstress turn in a true “stone-cold” country recording on this track.

Bright is the right producer for Evans at this point in her career. He highlights her powerful energy in a very modern way, but at no point does a song sound like they’re trying to keep up with the younger, edgier sound of today. Everything is clicking for the country mainstay. There should be plenty of hits to come from ‘Slow Me Down.’

Key Tracks: ‘Slow Me Down,’ ‘You Never Know,’ ‘Better Off’

All Sorts of Sexy: “Sexy” is Evans’ one-word description for this album. She points to her duet with Isaac Slade as the high-water mark. “The passion in that song … I think people are gonna die when they hear it,” she told ToC.

Did You Know?: Evans co-wrote two of the 11 songs, ‘If I Run’ and ‘Sweet Spot.’ Her husband Jay calls ‘If I Run’ the “prodigal son song.”

Source: tasteofcountry.com
Posted on 17 Mar 2014 by kat
Sara Evans Performs 'Slow Me Down'
The country star sings the title track from her new album live on "GMA."

See video:  here

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Posted on 17 Mar 2014 by kat
Exclusive: Sara Evans, ‘If I Run’ – Story Behind the Song
Sara Evans releases her new album Tuesday (March 11), and she’s giving readers of The Boot an inside look at one of the tracks.

‘Slow Me Down’ is Evans’ seventh studio album, and she took a different approach with it, working with producer Mark Bright — who also helmed her multi-platinum album, ‘Real Fine Place’ — and drafting musical guests that include Vince Gill, Isaac Slade of the Fray and Gavin DeGraw. Evans also co-wrote three of the new songs.

‘If I Run’ is a very personal track.

“We started the song — I think I was actually talking about my relationship with my dad,” Evans shares. “Just, you know, wanting to be pursued. And sometimes I’ve chosen relationships or allowed myself to be treated a certain way in relationships based on never being pursued as a little girl, with your daddy. I think that’s huge. So that’s how this whole conversation came to be with the song.”

Evans says the character in the song “has definitely been hurt in her life, and she’s saying, ‘If I run, will you chase me?’ And in fact, she’s saying, ‘I might run, just to test you. I might not be able to handle this love that you’re giving me, because it’s too much. I don’t recognize that as love, so if I run from it, will you chase me, will you pursue me, or are you just gonna be like every other guy?’”

Readers of The Boot voted ‘Slow Me Down’ our Album of the Month for March. It is available at Amazon and iTunes.

Source:  theboot.com
Posted on 14 Mar 2014 by kat
Sara Evans: Too competitive to listen to country radio
Watch video:  here

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Posted on 14 Mar 2014 by kat
Career, family don’t slow Sara Evans down
Sara Evans prays for energy, and, she says, God gives it to her.

The country singer and mom of three — seven counting her four stepchildren — said that’s the only way she can manage her family’s household in Birmingham, Ala., work out of Nashville, tour the country and still make it home by 6 a.m. every morning to make bacon and eggs for her family.

“I always say my life is Hannah Montana,” said Evans, referring to the former Disney Channel sitcom starring Miley Cyrus, whose character leads a double life, “because I have the best of both worlds.”

Evans will release her new album “Slow Me Down” on Tuesday.

“(Some) weekends, I have tour dates, so my kids will go with me on the bus, and then we’ll go back home to the weekly (schedule) where we’re in school.”

When they can’t go with her during the week, Evans has a Plan B. She has figured out that if she plays a show within a certain distance — Chicago, for example — that she can still ride the bus home, walk in the house and have time to make a hot breakfast and take her son Avery, 14, to school.

Source: blogs.tennessean.com
Posted on 09 Mar 2014 by kat
Sara Evans, ‘Slow Me Down’ – Album of the Month (March 2014)
Readers of The Boot have voted Sara Evans‘ upcoming album, ‘Slow Me Down,’ our Album of the Month for March 2014.

Evans competed against some of the country’s hottest veterans and rising stars, including Jo Dee Messina, David Nail, Eli Young Band, Don Williams and Jerrod Niemann. Her fans came out in force, earning ‘Slow Me Down’ nearly 40 % of the overall vote.

She changed up her approach for the new project, which is her seventh studio album.

“My goal every time I go in the studio to make a new record is to challenge myself a little bit more, to try to have the newest and freshest sound, but still the Sara Evans sound,” she says.

“By that I mean my music has always had the same vocal sound … I love a ton of guitar and there’s just this … sound.”

The singer drafted producer Mark Bright for the new project, who also helmed her multi-platinum effort, ‘Real Fine Place.’ She co-wrote three of the new songs with some of Nashville’s top songwriters, including Dave Berg, Karyn Rochelle and Sarah Buxton.

“Making ‘Slow Me Down’ has been a truly amazing experience,” Evans enthuses. “I had the chance to co-write with some of my favorite writers, work with Mark and some truly incredible musicians — and now hearing what we created gives me such an incredible sense of pride.”

The album’s title song and lead single is already climbing the charts.

“I knew, as I’ve known with other songs that I’ve written and recorded, that ‘Slow Me Down’ was me,” the singer shares. “I love songs that evoke emotion — it really is what connects people to the music. When we went into the studio to record ['Slow Me Down'] my main goal was to capture the desperation and passion in the song — to strike a balance between a strong vocal and the emotion that would pull in the listener.”

‘Slow Me Down’ features guest appearances by Vince Gill on ‘Better Off,’ and Isaac Slade of the Fray for a duet on ‘Can’t Stop Loving You.’ Evans also recorded a cover of Gavin DeGraw’s ‘Not Over You,’ which features DeGraw on harmony vocals.

“Having Isaac, Gavin and Vince sing with me was an amazing experience, and they took those songs to another level,” Evans states. “I honestly have never been more excited to have everyone hear one of my albums. I cannot wait to share it with everyone.”

‘Slow Me Down’ is set for release on March 11.

Source: theboot.com
Posted on 09 Mar 2014 by kat
Sara Evans, I'd Go Back To Dancing
Sara Evans is ready to rumba once more. The Dancing With The Stars alum-whose seventh CD, Slow Me Down, drops March 11-amazes Us!

Q: You duet with Gavin DeGraw and the Fray's Isaac Slade! Exciting?
Yes! They are two of my favorite male voices. I also love Eminem. He's brillant-only I can't take the cursing.

Q: You quit DWTS midseason due to your difficult 2007 divorce. Regrets?
Uh-huh. It was challenging and terrifying, yet so much fun, I'd do it again. And I'm certain they'd take me back!

Source: Us Weekly
Credit: SaraEvansExperts.com for typing this up from my magazine I  got in the mail.
Posted on 09 Mar 2014 by kat
St. Jude Is Even More Meaningful to Sara Evans
Sara Evans has visited the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital twice — once before she had kids, and once (this past January) after. The most recent visit changed her perspective, she tells Taste of Country.

“It was even more meaningful to me this time around,” Evans says. “I could completely put myself in the position of the parents that are there, dealing with their children that are sick.”

She adds that for this reason — and because she was able to witness firsthand the care that goes into the treatment of children fighting life-threatening illnesses — this charity is at the top of the list in terms of who she donates to.

Evans’ most recent visit was led by a young man named Carlos, a former St. Jude patient himself. The hospital flew the then 4-year-old and his mother and grandmother in, let them stay on campus and treated him, for free.

“It was the most amazing, heart-wrenching story,” Evans says, “but thanks to St. Jude and thanks to all the people who donate to St. Jude, a miraculous story with a great and happy ending.”

On March 6 and 7, Taste of Country is pressing pause on coverage to raise money for St. Jude to ensure that no one ever pays a dime for treatment while at the hospital.

“No child should die in the dawn of life,” founder Danny Thomas once said.

Help make that wish a reality by making a donation or becoming a Partner in Hope when you click the button below. Donations can be made by phone at 800-411-9898.

watch video:  here

Source:  tasteofcountry.com
Posted on 09 Mar 2014 by kat
Four-time Grammy winning band the Doobie Brothers with Michael McDonald are teaming up with country’s biggest stars including Toby Keith, Brad Paisley, Zac Brown Band, Sara Evans, Chris Young, Jerrod Niemann, Love and Theft, and more to be announced for an album of all-new recordings of the Doobie Brothers’ biggest hits. Releasing later this year on Sony Music Nashville, the album was announced during last week’s Country Radio Seminar at Sony Music Nashville’s annual, invitation-only show aboard the General Jackson Showboat, which treated radio, media, and industry VIPs to a surprise performance by the Doobie Brothers collaborating with album stars Paisley, Evans, and Young.

The album has come together organically over the last few months with artists picking their favorite Doobie songs and recording them with the Doobies. Many of the artists have performed Doobie Brothers songs live in concert, and Sony Music Nashville label head Gary Overton’s first live concert was a Doobie Brothers show in Phoenix, Arizona, in 1972.

Overton shares, “Seeing the Doobie Brothers perform all those years ago was such a thrill for me. I loved their sound, and the enduring appeal and influence of the Doobies runs deep. Artists have been telling me how excited they are to be a part of this project, and that alone speaks volumes about the amazing heritage of music that the Doobie Brothers have created.”

As durable as American steel, Northern California’s four-time Grammy winning Doobie Brothers sound has become part of America’s musical firmament, sampled on dance records, reinterpreted on “American Idol,” and a fixture on radio formats from top 40 to classic rock. They continue to write and record new material and tour the world, boasting one of the most loyal fan bases in music, all while breaking new creative ground. In 2011, the band marked a new chapter, filming a CMT Crossroads special with superstar Luke Bryan, and appearing for the first time ever on the Grand Ole Opry. Their relationship with Nashville continues to unfold with this new project.

The Doobies have rung up a glittering track record that would be the envy of any band. Beginning with their multi-million-selling sophomore collection Toulouse Street (1972), the Doobies have 3 multi-platinum, 7 platinum and 14 gold albums. Their Best of the Doobies (1976) has sold more than 11 million copies – a rare “diamond record.” The Doobies’ propulsive, roots-based, harmony-laden, guitar-driven style has sold more than 30 million albums.

Their No. 1 singles “Black Water” (1974) and “What a Fool Believes” (1979), both gold, lead a catalog of indelible songs that include  “Jesus Is Just All Right”, “Rockin’ Down the Highway”, “Long Train Runnin’”, “China Grove”, “Take Me in Your Arms”, “Takin’ It to the Streets”, “Minute by Minute”, “You Belong to Me”, “The Doctor” and more. In all, the Doobies have tallied-up five top 10 singles and 16 top 40 hits.

Formed in 1969 by fellow singer-songwriter-guitarist-lead vocalists Patrick Simmons and Tom Johnston, the Doobies made their mark with a run of punchy, melodic hits on Warner Bros. Records. They attained radio and chart ubiquity in the early ‘70s. The group’s expanded line-up was later augmented by Michael McDonald, whose soaring lead vocals pushed the band to new commercial and critical heights.

The years have witnessed many changes in the Doobies, but the band’s most recent studio lineup harkens back to their earliest days. Simmons and Johnston continue to front the group. And multi-instrumentalist John McFee’s history with the Brothers dates back to 1978, after his stint with Southern Pacific. Michael McDonald returns to the Doobie Brothers for this project.

Source: SaraEvans.com
Posted on 28 Feb 2014 by kat
Multi platinum-selling recording artist Sara Evans, one of the most compelling and authentic vocalists in country music, will throw an exclusive Slow Me Down album release concert and party in her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama on March 6th at Iron City. The event, A Rock The South LLC Production, will be presented by The Regions Tradition at Shoal Creek and will be hosted by Sirius XM for a concert special to air the following week. This will be the first time that Sara will perform songs from her seventh studio album Slow Me Down. Tickets for this highly anticipated event are on sale now and fans can purchase tickets, which will also include a copy of Slow Me Down, at http://ironcitybham.com/. All of the net proceeds from the concert will be split between St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Alabama Forever, and the Children’s of Alabama Hospital.

"I'm so excited to finally share this new music with the fans and I couldn't think of a better place to kick off my release week than in my hometown of Birmingham, AL with everyone who has welcomed my family with open arms,” said Evans. “Having 100% of the net proceeds go to charities that are near and dear to my heart just makes the entire night even sweeter.”

Slow Me Down is co-produced with Mark Bright (Reba McEntire, Rascal Flatts, and Carrie Underwood) who Evans last worked with on her Platinum-selling #1 Country album Real Fine Place (2005). Slow Me Down sees Evans collaborating on three tracks “Better Off” with Country legend Vince Gill, “Can’t Stop Loving You” a duet with Isaac Slade of The Fray and a cover of Gavin DeGraw’s “Not Over You,” which features Gavin singing harmonies. Slow Me Down is Sara Evans at her finest, with her signature powerful vocals that will serve as a reminder of why she has had a level of success reserved for few. Evans co-wrote three of the albums eleven-tracks and some of Nashville’s finest songwriters are represented on Slow Me Down.This album is whatfans have waited for and newcomers are bound to fall in love with.

Since emerging in the late 1990s, Sara Evans has had five #1 songs, four others appearing in the Top 10, two #1 Billboard Country Albums, five appearing on Billboard’s Top 200 all-genre chart and four consecutive RIAA certified Gold, Platinum or Multi-Platinum albums. She’s received awards from the Country Music Association, Academy of Country Music, Billboard Music Award and has garnered nominations for Grammy Awards (2), American Country Awards (10) and CMT Music Awards (5). Sara won the hearts of America as the first country artist to compete in ABC’s Dancing with the Stars and was also chosen as one of People Magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People.”

Source: SaraEvans.com
Posted on 28 Feb 2014 by kat
Sara Evans Goes Behind The Music, Artwork of Her New Album

For the past few months, Billboard has traced the progress of country superstar Sara Evans' upcoming album, "Slow Me Down." With the March 11 release date just a few weeks away, the singer says she can't wait for fans to hear the music. But, there's a lot of pieces of the record release puzzle that all have to be firmly in play for a successful release, as she tells us. 

"I always tell people it's like making a movie. When you finally go to the theater to see a movie, it's been three years in the making. There's so much that goes on. For me, it's so important what songs I choose, the musicians, and the producer, who mixes the album. All of that is so important. So, it's not like getting a group of guys together and just recording music."

The most important part of making "Slow Me Down" came down to the music, as Evans says.

Finding the song is the longest part of the process for me. Whether it be writing them or taking the time to write them. That has to happen in the middle of touring, raising kids, award shows, photo shoots, all of that stuff that I'm doing, and I have to carve two or three days to get with somebody and write a song Then, you have to demo that, get it to everybody, and then everybody taking the time to listen to it. It's just a long process." 

Evans wrote three tracks from the album - "You Never Know," "Sweet Spot," and "If I Run."

But, there are other aspects of making the album -- such as the alluring cover art. Evans says that also is integral, and a part of the process that takes a great deal of discussion among her team. 

"You have to figure out what photographer you want, where you want to shoot it, and there's about a week's worth of preparation just for that. My stylist has to go shopping for the shoot, I have to do a fitting. Then, there's travel. We went to LA for the photo shoot, then you get the photos done, the photographer sends them, and getting them approved. Everybody on the team has to have an opinion, and look at it." 

Evans and RCA announced the album cover last month, and she says she was very pleased with how it all came down. 

"I loved the idea of standing in front of the clock because of 'Slow Me Down.' We were shooting at this beach house in Malibu, and this clock was outside. We liked the way – not to sound weird – that the legs looked, thought it was sexy, but still classy. We're standing in front of the clock, it says ‘Slow Me Down,' and the legs are a part of the clock, almost. I also loved the one-sleeve sweater with the bangles, so style-wise, I thought it was cool with the fashion." 

Then, there's the marketing of "Slow Me Down" to attend to, but that's where Evans draws the line. "That's not really my job," she says. "I'll do what they tell me to do, and we obviously discuss ideas, but my main focus is preparing for touring, learning the songs. All of the marketing stuff I leave to management and the label."

But, the music is all Evans. Next month, before "Slow Me Down" is released, Evans gives us a sneak peek into the album, as our series continues.

Source: billboard.com

Posted on 17 Feb 2014 by kat
Sara on America's Morning Show from January
Sara shared how excited she is about her new single and album, both named “Slow Me Down” and how she put her personal touch on the material. She also shared hilarious stories about how people always seem to think she’s pregnant, her process in picking songs for new projects, the dances she remembers and outfits that she’s kept from her time on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and the infamous short-shorts photoshoot that lead to her new album cover art!

See video:  here

Source: nashfm947.com
Posted on 17 Feb 2014 by kat
Sara Evans in the studio at America's Morning Show

This morning we welcomed a lovely woman who is, as Blair Garner puts it, “Born To Fly cause you can’t Slow Her Down” - Sara Evans!

Sara shared how excited she is about her new single and album, both named “Slow Me Down” and how she put her personal touch on the material. She also shared hilarious stories about how people always seem to think she’s pregnant, her process in picking songs for new projects, the dances she remembers and outfits that she’s kept from her time on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and the infamous short-shorts photoshoot that lead to her new album cover art!

Listen to the interview here  here

Source: facebook.com
Posted on 30 Jan 2014 by kat
New twitter photo of Sara

Lunch with Olivia at school for her bday! #redvrelvetcupcakes #birthday #cafeteriafood😷

Source: twitter.com/saraevansmusic
Posted on 27 Jan 2014 by kat

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